The Purpose of Websites

Kallie Poon A Block; Blue Day Intro to Computer Science 1/2/18

Website Name Why visit it? Why was it made? Google It allows people to have access to all kinds of information on the internet. It allows users to be connected on all platforms since you need it to access other websites and media. Google was created to organize information on the Internet and to give users an easy way to get to the specific information they are searching for. YouTube For entertainment, education, and information. YouTube is a platform for all kinds of videos from instructional videos to funny videos. People would visit this site when looking for a specific video to entertain them, educate them, or help them complete a task. YouTube also allows people to make videos and share their talents or skills with the world. People like this can even make money off of the site. The creators of YouTube made the site to allow users to create and share videos with the world. The origin of YouTube came when the three creators had …

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Credit Card Terms

Annual Fee: Any fee that is charged on an annual (or yearly) basis. Credit card companies will often charge an annual fee just for owning a card regardless of how much you owe or spend.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The interest rate charged on credit card balances. This rate is charged annually and is applied each month that an outstanding balance is present.
Credit Line: This is also known as a credit limit. A credit line is the amount of money that can be charged to a credit account. The size of a credit line, and how much of that money is borrowed, can affect credit scores.
Cash Back/Rewards: Cashback and rewards on credit cards are incentive programs operated by credit card companies. They give a percentage of money spent on a credit card back to the cardholder. Rewards are also given in the form of frequent flyer miles and points. These incentive programs are used to encourage a cardholder to use their card.
Balance: The amount of money in a financial repository at any given time. A…

3 Article Summary

In the article, “What Did You *Think* They Do With Your Data?”, it is brought to the reader’s attention that the app AccuWeather was selling: “users’ anonymized data with a third-party company for profit” (Whittaker 1). AccuWeather was doing this without its users’ knowledge or direct consent. The app sold the data even when users declined the app’s request to access to their location while not using the app. However, this request does not mention that the app will sell your anonymized data to a third-party company. Although the user does not give direct consent to AccuWeather to sell their data the user should know that when they get a free app the business has to stay afloat somehow. In this case, the app sells the data in order to get money. This especially is important because AccuWeather is a publisher. For publishers, the advertising business is not good right now. In order replace the money that was lost with advertising publishers sell their users data: “so they can stay in bu…

Micro-Chipping in Humans

Kallie Poon Intro to CS - A Blue 10/4/17 Micro-Chipping in Humans
Micro-chipping a human means injecting a small microchip between the index finger and thumb of a human hand. Microchips allow a person to complete tasks that use RFID technology with the swipe of a hand. This might include entering a secure building, paying for things or using public transportation. The use of a microchip could eliminate the need for someone to carry around a wallet. This technology has been used in Sweden and at a technology company called Three Square Market in Wisconsin. Employees of Three Square Market can voluntarily choose to have these microchips, which are about the size of a grain of rice, injected into their hand. These microchips will allow them to get into the secure building as well as pay for lunch with just the swipe of a hand. This technology has many good things going for it but it also has some downsides. An advantage to having a microchip injected into your hand is the ability to eliminat…